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"Passion, perfection, integrity, magic. Those are the words I can say mean the most to us when we take on a project. Our greatest desire is to execute the visions of our clients well beyond their expectations." Damon K. Clark, CEO

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Chief Executive Officer

Booking Manager

Executive Producer

Artist Development Manager

Damon has been many things over the course of his more than 30 year career in the arts; child model, personal chef, cooking show host, radio personality, commercial radio jingle singer, opera singer, pop artist, actor, theater producer, stage manager, live music event producer, vocal coach, booking agent, and artist development manager. Damon is truly motivated by love; love for people and the arts.

In his own words, Damon feels "It's actual magic that happens when a well executed art form transports, and thereby transforms, the performers and the audiences for which they perform. There's little else that has such immediate potency, in my mind. When we get it just right, and we try to always do just that, there is a perfect and effervescent marriage of edification and entertainment!"

Damon has a profound respect for audiences and artists alike. His passion for performing and producing is only exceeded desire to support new emerging artists and the arts community at large.


Executive Assistant

Booking Agent

Production Manager

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