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Sam Harvey is a new artist based out of Dallas TX signed to the Independent label Never Satisfied. Sam grew up on Soul, RnB and Funk music for most of his life and has been a singer-songwriter for about 5 years. He is trying to pursue soul music and give it the flavor of this generation’s style. Sam plays guitar as main instrument as well as drums and piano. He says that Stevie Wonder is a big inspiration for him, both lyrically and arrangement-wise.

It’s very easy to instantly compare Sam Harvey to older, legendary soul or R&B singers, or even the new generation of crooners. But the great thing about his latest track “Fight It” produced by Andrew Holder, is that he has found his own groove, his own voice.

Yes, those influences are obviously there, but Sam Harvey and less of a derivative of other artists. Sam has created a genre of his own that mixes old school grooves with catchy pop hooks and an EDM soundtrack.

  • Light Switch Mentality5:22
  • Her Song4:59

Genres Damon sings

Pop, Modern Jazz, Standard Jazz, Soul, Neo-Soul, R&B, Folk, World, Musical Theatre, Singer-Songwriter 

Event types

Concerts, Music/Art Festivals,  Weddings, Receptions, Corporate Events, Church Events, Fundraisers, Cocktail Parties, Private Parties/Events, Holiday Parties


The great retro groove and urban edge, together with passion and that smooth high pitched voice comes through in full-force, it is great de-compressing music particularly in today’s stressed-out world, in that it really helps your mind and spirit run free, even if only for a while. I’ve had Sam's music only for a day and it certainly makes the daily commute a lot more worthwhile. I can honestly say that it was undoubtedly the smoothest music I’ve heard all week. And if that sounds like a small feat, consider that I listen to about 30 different artists each day. That’s over 200 a week! - Rick Jam, Jamsphere

Sam Harvey

similar to

Raphael Saadiq, Ed Sheeran, James Blake, Musiq Soul Child, Floetry, Justin Beiber, Maxwell, Charlie Puth, Sam Cook, Marvin Gaye


Lead Vocals & Guitar (Sam), Drums, Keys, Bass, Full Hand Percussion, 3 Background Vocalists

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